About Flash Company

Flash Company is a weekly folk sing around that happens every Monday from 8pm in the basement at La Rosa Hotel in Whitby.

Flash Company is a creative partnership between David Owen and Rebecca Gross Denniff.

Folk arts are all around us in the everyday world – often hiding in plain sight. This is the essence of our intangible cultural heritage and our collective birthright – yet to so many, it seems irrelevant, or something that belongs to a bygone age or an elitist protectorate.

The folk arts are an evolving, living, contemporary vehicle for transmitting stories and ideas, lives, loves and fears – the human condition.

Flash Company will challenge some of the cultural gatekeepers and ‘undefine’ folk for the masses – demonstrating that the folk arts are capable of throwing off the image that they have previously found hard to escape. This new partnership will seek to ensure that these folk arts – the songs, dances and traditions – are restored to some everyday relevance for all. By presenting folk arts in an unconventional way, in an unexpected manner, Flash Company aims to reveal the presence of folk traditions in the everyday world, and help re-imagine them for a different generation.

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